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CC‑Link Unlocks Asia

CC‑Link’s Gateway to Asia program (G2A) can increase your success in the Asian market.

Many well known European companies understand the importance of the CC‑Link open network for success in the Asian market. In many industries, such as flat panel displays and automotive, it’s a de-facto standard. Our G2A campaign is designed to get you started with a package of development and marketing benefits.

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  • 21/01/2015 – The future of open automation networks – gigabit CC-Link IE and Industry 4.0

    Since 2013's Hannover fair, the topic of "Industry 4.0" has become of key interest to everyone in the automation community and the customers who depend on them for innovative solutions. In general terms, Industry 4.0 is seen as the next big change in manufacturing, where so called "cyber physical systems" and the Internet of Things will provide significant benefits to increase the capabilities, efficiency and flexibility of manufacturing systems in general.